Publications and deadlines - NEW


All the papers presented at the conference will be published in a special volume of the AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings. The length of each paper cannot exceed four pages.

Important deadlines:

May 31, 2018: please submit your four pages manuscript (i.e. the paper that will be published in the proceedings) according to the guidelines and requirements shown on the site: How to prepare your paper. The paper will be then sent for review and the authors will be notified about the referee(s) remarks.

The symposium committee is pleased to announce that a selection of best papers presented in the 13th International Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flows, Heat and Mass Transfer – Numerical Fluids 2018 will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers for consideration of publication in a special issue of Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences - Wiley. Please note that all selected papers have to go through peer-reviewing and only accepted papers will be published.

Selected presented papers based on merit and scope suitable for Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences - Wiley will be announced after the symposium.

We remind our participants that registration is obligatory: otherwise your manuscript will be rejected during publication process (please visit the website of ICNAAM: Registration). If you pay your registration fees and the paper will be rejected afterwards, the amount will be paid back to you - therefore we encourage all the participants to benefit from discounts of the early or normal registration.


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