Dr Djamel Lakehal

Invited speaker: Djamel Lakehal, Expert and Lecturer in Computational Sciences and Data Analytics, Pöyry and ETH Zurich Switzerland

On the New Paradigm of Combining Data Analytics and Engineering Simulation: Application to CFD

Engineering Simulation (or CAE) has supported the industry in its revolutionary transition from trial-and-error towards physics-based simulation engineering, but our ways of treating and exploiting the results have changed little during this period. Indeed, the business model of CAE centers almost exclusively around delivering base-case simulation results with additional operational conditions. In this paper, we will describe a new paradigm to dealing with the exploitation of simulation data that is more appropriate for our increasingly complex and automated world. Instead of delivering reports of base-case and specific variations scenarios, operators are rather interested in instantly accessible data basis covering a wide spectrum of operational conditions. While the approach should work for all sorts of CAE sectors, we show its pertinence and use in the CFD sub-branch.. In the present contribution, we will show how we can make progress by mimicking Digital Twins in three different cases, though not from free-to-use data, but rather using simulation data. In opposition with the mainstream idea, we do believe that data analytics can be more powerful if tied up with engineering simulation, or CAE (e.g. CFD).

About the Author:

Djamel Lakehal has until very recently been the CEO of ASCOMP AG Switzerland, acting in parallel as an Affiliate Research Scientist at the MIT Cambridge, and as an adjunct lecturer at ETH Zurich. Upon the merge of ASCOMP with the international engineering corp. Pöyry, he has been appointed as Head the Advanced Modelling & Simulation Section. Djamel received his PhD from Ecole Centrale of Nantes France in 1994, until he joined the University of Karlsruhe (1995-1997) and then the Technical University of Berlin Germany (1997-1998) as a post-doc researcher. He then moved to ETH Zurich as a Group Leader and Lecturer where he initiated the creation of the Computational Multi-fluid Dynamics Group (CMFG), hosting doctoral and post-doctoral scientists performing cutting-edge research in computational multi-fluid flows. In 2004 he was awarded the French Habilitation Degree jointly from the Ecole Centrale of Lyon and ETH Zurich, and founded a spin-off called ASCOMP AG, developing the CFD/CMFD product TransAT. Dr Lakehal was hosted as invited Professor in various universities, and still serves the community as a regular journal reviewer and associate editor of Int. Journal of Multiphase flow, and as an evaluator of research projects for various funding bodies, including EU, the US DOE. He authored numerous journal papers and book chapters and monographs in various areas related to computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer, more precisely in the specific field of DNS and LES of interfacial gas-liquid flows where he contributed significantly.

Dr Lakehal website can be found under this link.